“Security” has several different meanings at Alionis, it means not only the physical security of the datacenter, but also the security of the network that you use to communicate and the security of your confidential data that can be hacked, corrupted, or lost too easily.

The interconnection with other entities over the Internet poses the biggest threat to your connection and to your confidential data. Every individual user in the world connects to the same network that is the Internet, opening up risks for someone else to be able to connect to your servers and use them as bots to launch DDOS attacks, saturating the network and rendering any service impossible, or steal your confidential information.

Firewalling restricts what IP addresses can communicate with your servers, thus eliminating possible connections with undesired entities, or even restricting all communication except for the select few IP addresses of your choosing depending on the function of each individual equipment. Alionis can provide you with a firewall to protect your own private network and equipment, regardless of their location.

If your IT infrastructure, whether physical servers, a private Cloud, or even just 1 virtual machine in the Alionis Cloud, is located in our datacenter, we can incorporate it into our firewalling system that protects the entire datacenter and our networks. This service allows our clients to benefit from the latest security technology without making large investments.

Outsourcing your backups or placing them in a highly secured datacenter, or both, can eliminate the vast majority of risks associated with backing up your data: hacking and corrupted or lost data.

  • The Alionis datacenter is highly secure with the proper redundancy in the electrical and cooling systems.
  • Our datacenter is under general firewalling as well as our network to protect against attacks and hacking into confidential data.
  • Every morning the technical team checks the status of every backup from the night before to ensure that it was completed error-free to ensure that your data is always available when you need it.