Alionis offers a variety of housing solutions that have been designed based on the needs of our clients. One of the biggest needs is autonomous, 24/7 access to the datacenter, which is why we have established the necessary security procedures, including access by badge and biometric fingerprint reader, and 24/7 video surveillance.

During the construction of the Alionis datacenter, we took advantage of the opportunity to have our own ERDF transformer built in order to ensure an independent and redundant electrical system :

  • 4 UPS Eaton
  • 2 Generators 450 Kva with 48 hours of fuel
  • 1MWatt available energy
  • Total cooling capacity of 618 KW

Alionis DC1 is an operator-neutral datacenter with Interoute, Level 3, Orange, Colt, MCI, and SFR currently on site.

We have spaces available ranging from 1-3 U to several racks for low or high density equipment, with racks ranging from 2 to 8 Kva. We have optional cold corridor space available as well as optional Hosting services adaptable to your needs, including Transit Internet, planned equipment maintenance, or Monitoring & Supervision of your equipments.

We constantly monitor the electricity consumption, temperature, and humidity of the Datacenter to ensure optimal operating conditions for your machines.

Alionis offers a wide variety of custom dedicated servers. Even though the majority of IT systems can be virtualized, a physical server is still the best option for certain needs, especially applications that require massive amounts of memory, data, or hard drive space.

Our engineers are more than willing to meet with you to determine the dedicated server that is right for you based on the applications that you use, how many users are associated, and the general intended use for your server.