Email is likely already your company’s most widely used form of internal and external communication and its importance only continues to grow. Alionis can help you achieve a seamless user experience by hosting and managing your email platform, whether it be Exchange or Zimbra.
Zimbra is a collaborative emailing solution that was designed as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Alionis is a Silver Business Service Provider and can thus provide the full Zimbra product line, including Basic, Standard, or Professional products with the following features:

  • AJAX Web Administration Console
  • Easily send and receive authenticated and encrypted emails
  • Save common searches as Search Folders
  • Cross-mailbox discovery and archiving for regulatory compliance
  • Real-time mailbox backup and restore
  • Grant others View, Manage or Administration rights or share message folders for specific use
  • Integrated anti-Spam, anti-Virus and directory services (LDAP, Active Directory)
  • MAPI synchronisation to Outlook 2003/2007/2010, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Adroid-based smart phones and tablets, and Blackberry
  • Manage security policies and remote device wipe, PINs and device management features
  • Calendar wizard finds optimal group meeting times and is interoperable with Exchange 2007/2010


If you need to deploy a large platform or if you have heightened security concerns, Alionis can install a completely dedicated Zimbra infrastructure on one or several virtual or physical machines. Any platform that does not require 100% availability and does not exceed 500 accounts can be installed one a single server, making Zimbra the most economic collaborative email choice.

Alionis has extensive experience in the deployment of dedicated Exchange platforms. We can create a platform adapted to your needs in terms of the number of users and the size of each mailbox on the support of your choice, whether it be a virtual machine in your private Cloud or Alionis’ shared Cloud or a physical server. We have also deployed a shared Exchange platform under our 24/7 Monitoring & Supervision for clients that still wish to benefit from collaborative mailing but either don’t have the budget or have few employees.

You can choose to manage your own platform once deployed or you can choose to outsource your mailing system to us depending on your internal resources.

Even if you outsource your entire IT infrastructure, your employees and coworkers use the Internet and are thus prone to spam and viruses. Educating users may not be enough, as viruses often evolve quickly and come in several different forms and spam mails are becoming more and more convincing when asking for personal information.

Though we cannot stop viruses or spam mails from the source, we can prevent them from penetrating our IT systems. Barracuda and Fortinet offer some of the most intelligent anti-spam and anti-virus software on the market, filtering spam and web content before it enters your network. Our engineers are certified for both Barracuda and Fortinet products.