Alionis has established a backup policy that is very regular and secure. We offer several different technologies, including Veeam, Microsoft Data Protection Manager, EMC, NumVision, or Bacula, and several different options for your backup services. We can host your backups in a wide variety of settings depending on the method best suited to your company’s needs.

Backup as a Service is a backup hosted on the Alionis Cloud with resources available on demand. BaaS is a great solution for companies looking to cut costs while maintaining a healthy backup policy because there is no need to invest in servers or other hardware and the management of your backups is outsourced to Alionis. Veeam, EMC, and NumVision are offered in mode BaaS.

Veeam is a backup software designed specifically for virtual machines. Alionis offers several service levels for this backup solution, from simply providing the Veeam license for a machine hosted in the Alionis Cloud or one of our presence points up to Veeam in mode BaaS.


Microsoft Data Protection Manager is an infrastructure management system that uses Shadow copy to backup data. DPM can be rather complicated to operate but is excellent for restoring lost data due to a simple user error or due to a hardware or software malfunction.

  • Backup databases
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Synchronization every 30 minutes.

Bacula is an open-source software that allows you to backup, check, and restore data more cost-efficiently. Unlike most backup software, Bacula is compatible with several different supports to store your data, such as magnetic bands, hard drives, or even CDs and DVDs, and several different OS, including Windows, MacOS and Linux.